Dashboards for Scrum and Kanban teams using Trello

The charts and analysis your Trello boards are missing right now

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Corrello gives you the high level view Trello is missing

Start putting the data around your process to good use.

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Trello alone isn't enough to run an agile project

Your project is in Trello and your team are diligently moving cards from left to right. The problem is there’s no easy way to answer simple questions like how many bugs are open at the moment? how's the current sprint going? or when will the current release be completed? Never mind getting all that tracked historically so you can see trends as they develop. You could move your team to another project management tool to get the data you need. But wouldn't it be better if you could get the charts and analysis you need without the time, upset and risk of moving people to another tool?

Pricing Tailored to your team

14 day free trial on all accounts, enterprise pricing available on demand.

$ 5.00/member


  • Dynamic reports
  • Query Trello Data
  • Discounts over 80 members
  • Unlimited logins to Corrello
  • 14 day free trial
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$ 48.00/member


  • Dynamic reports
  • Query Trello Data
  • Save 20% vs monthly plans
  • Discounts over 80 members
  • Unlimited logins to Corrello
  • 14 day free trial
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Can I cancel any time?

You sure can! We will keep your subscription active until the end of your current subscription period.

Do you count observers?

Observers are not counted towards your subscription.

How does pricing work?

We base pricing on the number of members on the Boards you select to report on. You can create Reports for as many Boards as you want, we then count the full members of those boards when calculating your subscription.

Can I install Corrello for just one Board?

Absolutely. You can install Corrello on which ever Boards you want. Pricing is based on the Boards you create reports for however, we only include members on those boards when calculating your subscription.

Does the same member on multiple boards just count once for billing?

Each member is only counted once, regardless of the number of boards they appear on.

Do I need Trello Business Class to use Corrello?

You do not need Trello Busines Class to use Corrello. Business class lets you add more power-ups to your boards however, so if you want to use Corrello alongside other Power-Ups business class may be required.

Can I try Corrello for Free?

Yes! We have a 14 day free trial as standard. You can get an extension if you need, just drop us an email.

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