Card time in list for Trello

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About card time in list

Card time in list (sometimes called Card age) is simply a measure of how long each card has been in the current list. This can be a great leading indicator of cycle time issues used by Kanban teams. It can also just be useful for anyone who is interested in keeping work moving through their boards.

Because the data to calculate the card time in list isn't available in Trello directly you need to have a subscription to Corrello to get this feature in Trello. Start a FREE Trial here.

Enabling card time in list for your boards

To enable card time in list for your boards

  1. Make sure you have a Corrello account - Try a FREE Trial here
  2. Make sure you have a dashboard for the current dashboard
  3. Open Trello
  4. If the card time in lists do not show, make sure you are logged in to Corrello (there is an option for this on the Agile Tools board menu)
  5. You can select the dashboard to use to define how long is too long in each list on the Power-Up settings page

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