Slack + Trello + Corrello = Trello Burndowns, CFDs and stats in your Slack Channels

Apologies for the long title, there's a lot of services getting tied together in this update!

I just launched the Corrello Slack app, you can try it out here. If you're not familiar with Corrello, it's a dashboard for agile teams using Trello. You can use it to see Burndown charts, release forecasts, cumulative flow diagrams, cycle time and much more for your Trello boards. The Corrello Slack app gives you access to some of those features directly in your Slack channels.

The Corrello Slack app adds these three commands to your Slack channels:



The burndown command lets you get the latest burndown chart from one of your Corrello dashboards. This is the burndown for the current sprint as is visible to everyone in the channel, great for standups!



The /cfd command shows you the last 2 weeks from the Cumulative flow diagram for one of your dashboards. Clicking the link in the title takes you to the full CFD where you can choose what date range you want and turn lists on and off.



The stats command pulls the stats for the latest sprint (or week, if you're not using sprints) for one of your dashboards. These are all color coded the same as they are in Corrello, clicking on them takes you directly to the list of matching cards. The stats displayed are the ones you have set up for that dashboard, they can include counts of cards (or points if you're using them) completed, due, overdue or with specific labels (ie 'bugs').

That's all folks! If you've already got a Corrello account you can add the Slack app here here. If you don't have an account yet you can sign up for a free trial here.