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Month: November 2017

Agile Tools for Trello – WIP Limits, Story points and and time in List

So… You want WIP Limits for your Trello boards? Story Points? Card time in List and slow card highlighting?

Well, you’re in the right place because we just launched the full V1 feature set of the Agile Tools Power-Up for Trello. Check it out!

Agile Tools for Trello feature overview

WIP Limits

Kanban teams limit their Work in Progress (WIP) to match the team’s capacity. This is usually set per list in Trello, ie we have separate limits for Coding, Code Review and Testing. Setting a WIP limit for a given list should not mean that the team cannot exceed the limit, but that if the limit is exceeded it is highlighted to the team. Agile Tools shows the WIP limits set for each list on the cards in the list, highlighting when the limit is met or exceeded with Amber/Red card badges.

Keep track of your WIP limits directly on your Trello boards, regardless of the browser your team members use.

WIP Limits for Trello

If you haven’t already split your process out by list (ie Dev, Code Review, Test) in Trello then this could be a good excuse to look at it.  Learn more about Agile Tools WIP Limits.

Story Points

Story points are often used by Scrum teams to estimate the effort required to complete some card or other.  It is the relative values of the points on one card to another which matters most with Story Points. They are typically limited to the Fibonacci numbers to ensure that differences of one or two points on large tasks don’t hold people up from just getting a good enough estimate down.

With the Agile Tools Power-Up you and your team can add story points to any cards from a control on the back of each card. Points are shown on the front and back of each card as well as totals for each list in the Agile Tools board menu.

Story Points for Trello

Lear more about Story Points in the Agile Tools Power-Up.

Card time in List and Slow card highlighting

Tracking how long cards have been in each list allows you to do a few clever things. Firstly, you can spot potential cycle time issues before they happen, getting cards which have been in a list a long time moving before they cause a problem. Also, you can see the cards which have been in backlog lists the longest. Is it time to move them out of the backlog? Or are they definitely still required?

The Agile Tools Power-Up annotates all Trello cards with details of how long they have been in their current list. We also highlight cards which have been in their current list ‘Too Long’ as defined by settings in your Corrello Dashboards. This is the only feature which requires a subscription to Corrello.

Card time in list for TrelloCard time in list for Trello- slow card highlighted

See full details about Card time in List for Trello.

That’s it for now.  Do check out and install the FREE Agile Tools Power-Up for Trello. And drop us a line if you’ve any suggestions for improvements 🙂

Daily briefing emails for Scrum teams using Trello

We’re all busy right? You’re busy, I’m busy, that go over there… what’s he even doing? well, at least he’s busy!

Too often we’re too busy for our own good though and can’t take the time to get the information we need to make the most of our days. Enter Corrello’s small move to help you get the information you need at the start of every day. The Daily Scrum team briefing email!

All Scrum teams using Corrello now get this email each morning (around 8am), No need to miss the important information you need to act on because you haven’t got time to open Corrello.

Not a Corrello customer? check out our Free Trial.

In this email you can see

  • Top line stats about cards completed, added, removed and re-estimated in the current sprint
  • The current Burndown chart, are you on target for the sprint?
  • The cards in progress, where they are and how long they have been in progress for
  • Cards added, removed, re-estimated and completed

This makes it super easy to keep on top of things going on in your boards and to never miss an important change again, even if you don’t have time to check Corrello every morning.

If you are a Scrum team using Corrello you should start receiving these emails soon. If you aren’t currently using Corrello why not check out our Free Trial?

Tracking slow cards in Trello

I am excited to announce we have just added slow card tracking in Corrello. You can use this to track any cards in Trello which have got stuck in progress for longer than usual in any list.

We also show the average card age per list:

This is all very easy to configure. By default it shows cards as slow if they have been in the list longer than the 85 percentile line for recent cycle times. You can override that and choose you own time for each list though if you prefer.

This is great for finding cards which are stuck for some reason of for heading off cycle time issues before they happen.

Check this out on your Corrello Dashboards or sign up for a Free Trial if you aren’t already a customer.

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