Overview of dashboard features

A simple Dashboard

This video shows a simple dashboard which doesn't include any of the charts you can turn on for Scrum and Kanban teams. You will see:

  • Performance stats. Ie overdue cards, blocked cards etc.
  • Performance stats by member/board
  • Recent activity
  • Performance stats history, totals and by member/board
  • How long cards take to complete (cycle time)

All Dashboard features - including Scrum/Kanban features

This video shows all the features in Corrello. In addition to the simple dashboard overview you will see:

  • Burndown charts for the current sprint/week
  • Cumulative flow diagrams
  • Cycletime charts showing how long cards took to complete and where they spent their time
  • Release/Project burnup charts showing scope changes and progress towards completion over time

Getting set up

Basic set up

This video shows the basics of setting up a dashboard in Corrello, you will see:

  • How Corrello expects your boards to be structured
  • How to tell Corrello which boards and lists to report on
  • A quick overview of other options

Setting up a burndown chart

This video shows setting up a burndown chart in Corrello, you will see:

  • How to enable a burndown chart for your dashboard
  • How to set up your sprints in Corrello
  • How to use the end sprints manually option
  • How Corrello can count story points instead of cards

Setting up your stats (open bugs, overdue cards etc.)

This video shows how to set up your stats in Corrello to keep track of the important cards on your boards. You will see:

  • How to get counts of overdue and due cards
  • How to get counts of cards with specific labels, ie 'open blockers' or 'closed bugs'
  • How to use the drilldown by stat and by member or board
  • How to use the performance stat history and drilldowns available there