Dashboards for agile teams using Trello

Not just for developers!

One dashboard - all your Trello boards

Maybe you've got a board for each client or project. However it's set up keeping on top of what's due, awaiting comment or stuck across all those boards can cost you a lot of time. Corrello lets you create a report on multiple boards, showing you what's on everyone's plate and what's due/overdue or just stuck.

See what's on everyone's plates

Drilldown and see who's got what work on now, due this week or overdue etc. Also, see all this data historically and both by member and board.

See how you're performing over time

Keep on top of how much work you're getting done, and how much is overdue or blocked etc. historically.

Keep on top of the day to day changes

See cards due, overdue, in progress or whatever else is important to you. And, get an at a glance overview of recent changes on your board seeing who's done what when.

Create your first dashboard  

If you'd like a quick demo or want a hand setting things up please drop us an email and we'll be very happy to help you out.

Some of our happy customers

Trello is great, but doesn't have reports for me to see what is on everyone's plate. Corello is easy, intuitive and let's me manage my team with ease. Since starting to use Corello I am happier and so is my team, we all have a fair workload.

- Dan Mcgaw

Trello is my coalface: we use it to help create, manage and monitor editorial for all our clients. But, as a free tool, it's not without limitations. Having individual boards for each client is essential, but an at-a-glance overview of our output across all boards simply isn't available. Corrello has answered my prayers: a clear, easy to use interface containing the information I need to accurately monitor our work without getting lost in the finer details. Fantastic stuff.

- Stuart Roberts

See a dashboard with your data now

All plans come with a 14 day free trial, no credit card required upfront. Connect Corrello to your Trello account and create your first dashboard in less than a minute.